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of texas and mitt romney to the swing state of pennsylvania. both men are focusing on the same topics. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: they separated by more than 1,000 miles but president obama and mitt romney landed a lot of jabs. they pummeled romney on outsourcing. >> he invested made money that was pioneers of outsourcing. >> reporter: the obama campaign continues to accuse romney of misleading the public about bain capital. texas has not voted for a presidential candidate since 1976. >> my opponent thought it was a good idea to let detroit go bankrupt. >> reporter: mitt romney hit the stage in pennsylvania and came out swinging, too. >> he has no now ideas forgetting the economy going and no one new to blame. where's out of touch with what is happening in the country and that is why in november, we're going to put him out of office. [ applause ] >> reporter: he continued to accuse the president of political favoritism he said led to outsourcing. >> i'm ashamed to say we're seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign contributors. >> reporter: bo
voter identification law in texas that law requires voters to show photo id when they go to the polls. officials say the law will prevent voter fraud they are trying to prevent a three judge panel to up hold it the justice department wants the law thrown out the law violates the federal votes lights act. the trial is expected to last five days. >>> new developments on the health care overhaul bill rick perry, has said his state will not implicate a medicaid expansion or health care insurance exchange perry is just the latest to join campaigners against the two provisions perry spoke to fox news about the decision. >> well t bottom line here is that medicaid, is a sales program. to expand this program, is not unlike adding a thousand people to the titanic. it is not going to be a part of again socializing health care in the state of texas and going in direct conflict with our founding fathers, wishes and freedom for that matter. >> federal government plans to implement insurance exchanges resist the health care plan governor brewer is asking the supreme court to over turn a ruling, all
messages. like they being punished twice. >>> coming up, the debate over texas continues on that campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney travel to states that could be crucial to the november elect. >>> and the new book giving the insight into the uss cole bombing. why a lack of action ultimately sealed our fate on 9/11. >> and a teenager jumps from a chair lift on the beach y. she was forced to take such a drastic measure. tic measure. . >>> president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail today. the president in iowa, the former governor in colorado. both candidates are looking for spirit support in two states crucial to wing the november elect. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama takes his middle-class tax pitch to cedar rapids, iowa. >> doesn't it make sense for us to agree to keep taxes low for 98% of americans who are working hard and can't afford a tax hike right now. >> reporter: today's rally comes a day after the president called for a temporary extension of the bush era tax cuts. they expire at the end of the year and he wants them kept i
over texas heat any day, so, you know, i am feeling comfortable out here and that will be fun. if it's cold outside and i have seen them do it before, i won't and they go and play football when it's 20 degrees outside and that is about your mind set. if you say it's shot -- hot, it will will be a bad day. >> and do -- did you lose two points from april? >> i am 225 today. and it doesn't matter what my weight is. in college, they tell you to weigh a certain weight. in the pros, you play what you comfortable at and as long as i'm from 218 to 225, i should be fine. >> sounds like being humble is helping you gain the trust and respect of your teammates. is there anything else you are doing? >> and they see how hard i work and you talk to them about a little things and what is lasting long and what they copper can long in the leg and sometimes people, people think it's what you say when you're in the huge group that makes people think yew a leader. sometimes it's the conversations you have with guys and i think i have done a lot of that and not intensionally, but happens and that is to so
is baking. wichita is baking and now the heat has shifted down into texas. this quasi frontal system is huge for some of the folks that had so much hot, hot weather. northern-central plains and into the midwest and this will be the setup, too, for the next several days. so, we'll stay nearly normal with the temperatures in the unsettled each day and some upper 60s in the subissues and otherwise on the muggy and mild side. again, tomorrow is much like today and a mix of clouds and sun. the temperatures in the upper 80s and we'll warm up a little bit thursday, friday, and saturday, and nothing extreme and that is as for us. >> and -- . >> and that is back there eating it. >> you're stock piling, are you? >> that's right. >> and thank you, gary. we appreciate it. >>> and light go to redskins park. >> and rg3 wrapped up a second press conference this preseason with the media and some -- and he feels better now compared to the otas and minicamp and it's funny, he credits the defense and said the coaches were throwing the whole gamut at him and making him a better quarterback and has good chemistr
arapo from texas. >> looking forward to talking to him. stay cool out there, lindsay. >> will do. >>> it's hard to stay cool when that heat index is feeling -- if you don't have fans, that feels nasty. gary mcgrady? >> and you know, we get relief for the weekend. >> okay. >> and if everything goes as planned next week, we'll be pushing 90. >> okay. >> and that is goings to make us feel cooler here and that is the hottest on record and this is what that is looks like out there. south of us around dale city and they have basically just dissipated and so nothing is going there. the real heavy stuff, the severe weather is really south of 64. most of this now is south of richmond. technically, we do have a thunderstorm watch in place and that is in place for culpeper county. that that i will call for a spotty thunderstorm. most of this thunder activity is staying to the south of us this evening and there is a chance that something can bubble up. we'll be watching it. 89 at 7:00 and 85 or so at 9:00 and temperatures, lower 80s. remember how hot and muggy it was last night? >> uh-huh. >> should
and yesterday, robert said he would trade the texas heat any day for the d.c. humidity. i wonder if he feels that way today. early this morning, we caught up with the skins gm bruce allen and asked him when he knew the redskins knew rg3 was their guy. >> and we made that decision early in february and as an organization, we met and addressed the weaknesses we had in our franchise and that quarterback position was something we wanted to do. it was a rare year where we were drafting low and we're going to be at number six, and we decided we would like to quarterbacks. when we made the trade, we were not sure what quarterbacking and the month of january and february we did a lot of research on the two young men and we knew either could be a great redskin. >> and that other young man he's talking about is andrew, the colts drafted him with the number one overall pick. at 6:00, we'll hear what players have to say about the new quarterback. for now, we sunday it to paul wagner and, paul, i heard fans came to see some today? >> reporter: it was not that long ago the fans were coming here to see the
meats rallied supporters while talk is talking to people in ohio. president obama will go to texas on tuesday. >>> and there is some more evidence the u.s. economy is slowing. for the first time since 2008, a consumer report shows the retail sales have fallen for three consecutive months and consumers spent a half% less last month. a majority of firms don't plan to add jobs the next six months. the current unemployment rate is 8.2%. >>> a big milestone in the 30- year battle against the hiv virus. the fda approved the first drug shown to reduce the risk of hiv infections. the virus that causes aids. the pill called truveda works as a preventive measure for people at high risk of getting hiv. clinical studies show that it helps reduce infection rates by 75% in heterosexual couples where one partner was infected with hie. >>> and author steven colby died. a coworker said that he died from complications stemming from a serious bicycle accident three months ago and aside from his popular seven habits book, he wrote three other books. he was 79 years old. >>> coming up, the case against
for the southeast down even into texas. and this is a part of the country that needs it but once again they're experiencing some flooding issues down there. so weather head line as we go forward, tonight looks terrific and a nice day expected on thursday. testimonies definitely warm. humidity in check. as we head into the weekend, though, it's going to heat up. we're going to head for at least 90 degrees and probably warmer. i'd say by sunday maybe 90 to 94 or possibly 95 degrees. each of those days we could see scattered thunderstorms firing up, especially in the afternoon. and those storms will have the feature of heavy rain. not so much wind but rain that doesn't really -- storms that don't really move and drop all their rain in one or two locations. so it could be possible to get an inch or two out of one or two of these thunderstorms. temperature right now is 88 degrees. frederick, you are 90 but as close by as hagerstown it's only 79 degrees. we find even cooler lower 80s as we look up through pennsylvania and into new york state. still looks comfortable for us overnight. near 70. may
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9